What are volume eyelash extensions?
Mini fans are hand-made with synthetic fibers that are applied to each individual natural lash. When applied correctly, the eyelashes look longer and thicker eliminating the need for the everyday application of mascara. Just wake up and go!
How long do eyelash extensions last?
Eyelash extensions should last the length of the natural eyelash cycle which is usually 2-4 weeks.
Are eyelash extensions safe?
Professional adhesives are used and never touch the actual eye lid. The extensions are placed about 1mm away from the base of the lash.
What is the aftercare for eyelash extensions?
  • They should not get wet within 24 hours of application.
  • Avoid saunas or hot steamy showers within 24 hours to allow the adhesive to completely cure.
  • Cleanse and brush lashes everyday.
  • Brush from top of the lash lid down and not from underneath the lash lid up. This may break the adhesive bond making the lash fall off prematurely.
  • Do not touch them with your fingers.
  • Always use a clean mascara wand.
  • Use oil free makeup and facial products. Anything with oil will break down the adhesive creating a weaker bond.
  • Be careful when using a makeup remover towel. The cotton fibers can get stuck to the adhesive and pull the lash out prematurely.
  • Using a silk pillow case can help prolong the extensions
How long does the application process take?
Volume lashes can be anywhere from natural looking to very dramatic. The whole process can take anywhere from 2-2.5 hours for the first full set and 1-1.5 hours for a fill.
Does the procedure hurt?
The procedure should be pain free. Enjoy a nice lash nap on a massage table while listening to soothing music.
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